What Happened to Baghdad

‘What happened to Baghdad?’ Kamal, an 85-year-old retired Iraqi doctor, asks this question every day. Iraq, once the centre of medicine and education in the Middle East, has been destroyed. 60% of Iraqi children live in devastating poverty.

This film is an exploration into the past by a man who carries the weight of losing his home with him every day. Unable to return to Iraq or see his displaced family, Kamal is still grieving 15 years later. His Scottish wife Carole keeps him strong, and together they have spent the last 17 years peacefully protesting war, on the main street in Edinburgh. 

Directed, Filmed and Produced by Laura Wadha 

Edited by Jan Schroeder

Sound Design by Ruth Knight 

Music by Harry Brokensha 

If you would like to watch the full version of this film please email laurawadha@live.co.uk 

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