After ten years apart, a Scottish filmmaker tries to reconnect with her closest cousin. Once so similar, their paths were separated by war. As they piece together memories of Syria, they begin to wonder – ‘What happened to our family?’

Impressive and intimate in its narrative style, this short film convinced us and also prevailed against the strong competition. By virtue of this film, we have gained access to a new reality that we had never encountered before in everyday life. In an impenetrable style, the film examines the influence that repressed memories have on our identity. Long after the end of the film, each one of us had something to think about. We were all touched by this film in a very special way, and now we want to award this with our Crystal Bear for the best short film.

Winner of the Berlinale Crystal Bear for Best Short Film 2022

Winner of the NEON Prize at Mo & Friese Festival Hamburg 2022

Special Mention GROSSE KLAPPE at Doxs! 2022

Nominee Scotland’s Year of Stories Glasgow Short Film Festival 2022

In Competition at Encounters Film Festival 2022

International competition at War on Screen Festival 2022

Official Selection:

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2021 Inverness Film Festival 2021
LA Asian Pacific Film Festival 2022
Salem Film Fest 2022
Cinema in Sneakers 2022
Visions du Réel British Council Short Documentary Showcase 2022
St Kilda Film Festival 2022
Pyeongchang International Peace Film Festival 2022
Doc Edge Schools Festival Sessions 2022
Safar Futures at the Barbican 2022
War on Screen Festival 2022
Take One Action Film Festival 2022
Folkestone Documentary Festival 2022
Sunderland Shorts 2022
Heart of Gold International Short Film Festival 2022
This is England British Short Film Festival Rouen 2022
Kassel Documentary Film & Video Festival 2022
London Migration Film Festival 2022
British Short Film Festival Berlin 2023

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